Healy's ardent determination ensures that client
expectations are always met. 

Cameron Full, Marketing Technologist

 Cameron Full is a marketing and communications technologist whose experience lies predominantly in technology-based solutions, including but not limited to websites, blogs, electronic networking tools such as LinkedIn, B2B direct mail, and a variety of other digital communications solutions.  He has mastered a wide variety of technology-based, creative tools ranging from Adobe Creative Suites to Joomla Content Management Systems.

Full started a business with his father at the age of 15, and today continues to operate that entertainment industry business part-time as its chief executive officer. His entertainment industry work has provided him with management and promotional experience for properties located in Iowa, Nebraska, New York, New Jersey, Washington, DC, and Chicago. 

Examples of his work outside the entertainment industry includes:  Hawkeye Surgical (surgical hardware industry, acted as business and marketing consultant for neuroscience deliverables); United Medical Products (steel industry, outsourcing and developing online process for development and delivery of high-volume steel fabrication to the medical industry); 319 Graphic Studios (print, developed ecommerce platform that ultimately generated $30,000 in monthly print fulfillment); Marketology (marketing industry, served as graphic design and tech consultant), McDonald Optical (optical dispensary, rebranded 50-year-old business, including web site, marketing work involving high-volume direct mail campaign); Progressive Rehab Associates (physical therapy provider, rebranded 20-year-old business, built site, and overall marketing consulting); and Brody Willett (race car driver, a start-from-scratch campaign, logo, website, and partnering Brody with Macaroni Kid National to rollout massive U.S. Ambassador campaign to one million weekly readers).

He is an intuitive problem-solver with a diverse platform of expertise and success, primarily grounded in digital and social media solutions.  Full's skill set blends creativity with technology. With experience in myriad market segments, he's been fortunate to envision necessary technology, develop and implement the technology models, and then evaluate measurable growth using KPIs. His deliverables have ranged from those that champion awareness and reputation management to developmental marketing and marketing efficiency practices.

The cornerstone of his project management process is “creative-critical thinking.” With demonstrated experience in efficiency processes, measurable data results and artistic ingenuity, Full combines project form and process function.

Full holds a bachelor's from the University of Iowa in Communications, as well as a Bachelor's Certification in Entrepreneurship and a Master's Certification in Small Business Leadership and Small Business Management from St. Ambrose University. 

The origin of Healy Consulting & Communications dates back to 1990, when John Healy founded a public relations agency whose model was singularly focused on delivering exceptional outcomes to clients. 

But to be successful today, we must exceed the norm.  In Stanford Professor Dr. Carol Dweck's book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, she provides many fascinating examples of mentally pushing oneself beyond what’s seemingly possible.  In fact, Dr. Dweck says, “If you only go through life doing stuff that’s easy, then shame on you.”  She calls it a Growth Mindset, and it has become a core element of our firm’s philosophy in serving clients faced with myriad strategic and tactical choices in traditional, digital and social media channels. 

Healy Consulting & Communications uses our tailored approach to helps client create the right blend of traditional marketing and PR strategies and digital and social media options . Our comprehensive services include media relations, email marketing, online lead generation as well as LinkedIn, Facebook, and website rehab & optimization services. Healy Consulting's proven experience and determination ensures that your expectations are always met.  

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Healy himself is an award-winning, published marketing and PR professional, entrepreneur and agency chief executive who has generated B2B and B2C growth, visibility and profitability for professional services firms, corporations and associations. 

Typical of someone who believes in a Growth Mindset, in 1996 he created Strategic Insightsa proprietary research and analysis process that uncovers new mission-critical opportunities for Clients and applies them to marketing and communications programs, ultimately directing their successful execution and delivering demonstrable ROI. 

The work samples included on this site are the direct result of Healy's strategic and tactical consulting, addressing client's marketing, PR and communications challenges and opportunities.

Healy and his colleagues deliver strategic Services that help drive sales and achieve other quantifiable results, including:

  • Applying research findings and other market intelligence to actionable client programs and campaigns;
  • Customer acquisition and retention strategies;
  • Marketing, communications and PR planning;
  • Product/service brand stewardship;
  • Interim chief marketing and business development services; and
  • Budget, resource and supplier management.

Kevin Kern, Content Creation & Marketing Specialist

Kevin Kern excels in content creation, curation and marketing, with proficiency in various essential social/digital platforms, including websites, blogs, and full complement of social media platforms.  He is also skilled at traditional marketing and public relations writing, including news releases, white papers, bylined articles, brochures and direct mail marketing copy.

He has worked as both a freelancer and under contract on several projects for the Chicago office of Finn Partners, a NYC-based public relations agency. He continues to work closely with the graphic design firm Ward Nipper & Associates, contributing content for a major website overhaul and expanding the company's social media presence.

Kern holds a bachelor's degree in Film Studies from Columbia College Chicago. While there, he refined both analytical and creative writing disciplines and eventually came to the realize that writing – not film – was his career passion.